My name is Asit Khanda & I'm from Odisha, India. I am a photographer & gadget nerd. My love for gadgets runs deep. Whenever I see a new tech, I fanatically want to test it out like a child who wants toys.

I am also obsessed with good & beautiful design. Not just in software but also in objects. I like symmetric look and vibrant colours. I am so much into it, that, in fact I don't use apps that are not aesthetically pleasing, however good it may be. I often try to find a balance between form & functionality wherever possible.

I am also a Marvel fanboy. So much so that I don't watch DC or any other superhero movies even though I realize that they all are also good ones.

I created this blog to share my thoughts & also blog about my uses and activities hoping that someone gets to learn something from it. It also helps me keep a tab on what I have learned and what I haven't. As always, if you do end up liking my posts, head over to my Facebook & Twitter accounts and say me Hi!

Hometown: Keonjhargarh, Odisha, India

Current City: Berhampur, Odisha, India

Music: Electronic, House, Chill Trap, Pop & lots more. Check out my Soundcloud like list above.

Movie: The Matrix + All Marvel Stuff. I like a lot of others but then someone is to be at the top.

TV Show: 12 Monkeys, The Expanse & Marvel shows. A lot of others too but you know the drill. Check out the full list.