Even more ways to blog in 2019

Even more ways to blog in 2019

The list goes on.

This post is a continuation of an earlier post. I would request to go through that post first before reading this.

Since the last post, I found so many other platforms that I had to make another one. Quite literally, there is no limitation to how you want to blog in 2019. Now there are blogging platforms for even the most niche categories and its all good for us in the end.

  1. Telegraph
The most minimal & straight-to-the-point blogging service

Telegraph is a free blogging service by Telegram Messenger. Like many offshoots surrounding their Messenger app, this is one of the better ones. The service is primarily aimed towards anonymous blogging although for advanced users, there is the option to use their bot to take care of your posts. For the very casual or just-sometimes writers, this can be a great way to start! The interface is very minimal (just look at the photo above) and it uses Markdown and supports almost everything you would want a modern blogging platform to support to.

2. Svbtle

I started on Svbtle before moving to Ghost.

This blogging platform started alongside Medium. And while Medium went for the mass and the big category, Svbtle focused on minimal blogging & stayed niche. With very few must-needed features & almost no-customization, this service costs only $6/month. The platform is also used by a lot of known creators & developers in the industry. The creator of Svbtle has also promised to never shut off this service or if it does, to keep your posts permanently on the internet. This is worth a try if you want a simple blog-cum-website showcasing all your posts. Check this blog to see how a Svbtle blog looks like.

3. Notepin

No mobile apps for now though

Blogging through notes is really taking off and is slowly becoming mainstream from a niche category. Notepin is another addition to the list that highlights more & more people are wanting to do notes-cum-blog stuff. It's really convenient too as whatever you want private can stay with you and whatever you want others to read can be made public. Also does away with the separate platform headache. Notepin has custom domain support alongwith themes, google analytics support & also importing from your Ghost blog among others.

4. Draft

Better writing than better blogging

Draft is probably the first app to fully go mainstream with the idea of note-blogging. It is more of a writing pad than a blogging platform although developer Nathan Konty has developed a unique style for those who want to blog. You have to use the app to know if you this is your style.

5. Qards

Not ready for primetime yet

This is a blogging platform geared towards developers. The speciality is its cards approach to building a blogging site. You can read more on its website. But this service hasn't launched yet and it still under active development. You can go on and try it but be aware of the risks.

6. GoNevis

Not many may prefer it.

Not many may prefer this service because it comes straight Russia. But while the people of US have their opinions, I would go on to say that this is a worthy service to sign up for. The best part about this service is that it serves no ads and all of its themes are available on the free plan. You only upgrade if you need custom domain support & storage.

7. Posthaven

Made to last forever

Posthaven was created by the founders of Posterous - the most popular blogging service in the world before WordPress took the charge. But it was sold to Twitter and eventually, they shut it off and created Medium. This lead to a lot of angry customers who had given years in building their blogging platform writing posts and what not. So the sole purpose of Posthaven is to provide a permanent space on the Internet - to never shut off, not for atleast a 100 years according to the founders. There is only a single plan of $5/month. If permanency is what you wanted, then this is service to sign up for.

8. Silvrback

Being different is value

This service promotes itself as an alternative blogging platform in the way that it will never curb the freedom of speech and allow you to freely express your views unlike other services where you may be banned. Silvrback has been around for a long time now and has many prominent people on board. It is a fully paid service with no free tier option available and a very simple one to start your blogging too. Check out their website to learn more.

Did you know or use any of these blogging services? Anymore to add to the list? Let the comments flow!


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