My thoughts after watching the Avengers: Endgame trailer

My thoughts after watching the Avengers: Endgame trailer

Well, what a day it was (or I should say night). And I must say that now, I am not able to sleep at night or even eat my breakfast properly. Hours & hours are going into thoughts and deductions about what happened and what will happen in Captain Marvel & subsequently Avengers.

Part of the journey is the end.

Here is the trailer if you didn't see it already cause you were playing Tzar: The Burden of the Crown

First of all, it's sad. The trailer begins with Tony Stark's burnt up suit head where he records a message saying "Part of the journey is the end". This is a clear indication to the confirmation of the earlier rumours that the character of Iron Man will either retire or die.

Next up I see that Tony Stark is in the spaceship of the Guardians of the the Galaxy. Later on in the trailer Nebula is also shown in the same spaceship probably trying to comfort Tony Stark. Now what I don't understand here is this scene:

Somewhere beyond our solar system?

Tony Stark along with Guardians of the Galaxy & Doctor Strange among others landed on Titan, the moon of Saturn so even if Tony Stark is waiting to be rescued this doesn't at all look to me like our solar system. So where have they drifted?! And why is the spacecraft drifting? I mean, Tony Stark can fix everything and with Nebula on board, they both could have found a solution. What the hell is going on?

Next we move on to this part:

Thanos is a farmer now.

This scene is directly ripped off from the comics where Thanos actually becomes a farmer after defeating the Avengers & killing half the universe. But what I don't get is why does he still have the gauntlet on his hands? And what happened to the Infinity Stones? They are no more shining as we saw at the end of Avengers 3.

Then the scene moves to the Avengers HQ, new clean shaved Steve Rogers although I am confused why he did that in the first place until later in the trailer where Cap is looking at a photo of Peggy Carter suggesting that the time travel theory might actually be true.

Then the death of Shuri is also confirmed by this scene:

Shuri is gone to dust (see: right)

Although I was relieved to see that Ant-Man is out of the Quantum realm. Now how is he back? Remember that post-credit scene in Ant-Man & The Wasp where Janet says to Scott not to get sucked into time-vortex? If you don't then here is a clip for you below. This is how I think Ant-Man got out and as a proof look at the picture below the video.

That truck is very familiar.

That truck you see in the background is the same truck that contains the Quantum tunnel you see in the post-credits of the movie. Maybe Ant-Man has found a way to go to alternate realities?! Because the Quantum Realm was also shown in the Doctor Strange movie where the Ancient One was saying about different realities. We will see what happens.

Thor is alone. And I really feel for him.

And then there is this scene:

Welcome back, HawkEye!

This new HawkEye looks fricking awesome! And that sword actually suits than the older bow & arrow. I think this is the new Ronin character (which is the darkest HawkEye's darkest form) confirming another fan theory that was in the comic books. And as the dialogue turns to this scene, it's very easy to infer that probably Clint Barton also lost his family to The Decimation.

Eagerly waiting for what's next to be revealed. Maybe a teaser of Captain Marvel punching Thanos?! Who knows! 2019 is gonna be an exciting year for sure and I am thankful to God for getting to experience all this pop culture!

Also, I liked the soundtrack at the beginning of the trailer.


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