Desktop Showcase #1 - No Man's Desktop

Desktop Showcase #1 - No Man's Desktop

I often like to customize my PC & smartphone and as any normal human being, I definitely like to show them off! But what better way to show off than to actually tell the process along with it?!

From now on, whenever I will make a significantly new change to the look of my PC, I will surely make a blog post about it. Don't worry, these kind of posts will be very short & simple.

This is my current desktop look

No Man's Desktop

I used the following tools to achieve this look

  1. Rainmeter
  2. Wallpaper from Imgur
  3. Translucent Taskbar by Arkenthera
  4. Date, Time & RAM indicator by DD-921

And that's it! Do you guys want a full length video explaining how I did it? Sound off in the comments and if enough interest is generated, then I will surely try to make one!


Asit Khanda

Photographer & Gadget Nerd. Founder of ProgressPlanet. I love to dive deep into the simplest stuff because they have the greatest effect on us. My articles focus around my experience with technology.

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