No time for PUBG/Fortnite? Too stressful? Here are the games you should try instead!

No time for PUBG/Fortnite? Too stressful? Here are the games you should try instead!

Fortnite & PUBG have taken the world by storm! While Fortnite is extremely popular among PC players (#PCMasterRace), PUBG is a hit among smartphone users.

Despite being extremely popular, matches in the games can be too stressful for anyone to play, not mentioning the extreme level of high speced machines required to play them. While some may like it (I personally prefer Fortnite over PUBG at any given time and the fact that PUBG only keeps its mobile version free-to-play in stark contrast to Fortnite's free-to-play on any platform really disgusts me), there are a lot others who are freaked out by this experience and want something simpler, less time consuming and more fun to play.

If you are one of the person who falls under the latter category then here are some of the games to try out. Bear in mind that these games are smartphone only (and specifically Android since I do not possess an iOS device to tell you about the experience)

  1. Brawl Stars
All the different events in Brawl Stars

From the makers of the extremely popular franchise Clash of Clans, comes another interesting take at the current Battle Royale style gameplay that is taking over the world by storm. What's different here is that instead of the regular 100 vs 100 players in real life characters form, Brawl Stars tries to combine the Clash Royale style environment. There are 5 different types of events which change at every regular interval and you have at max a 3 member team. There are trophies and rewards similar to CoC. And any match takes a mere 2-3 minutes at max. It's fun, it's simple and it's entertaining. Best of all, you play it on any type of smartphone since this also works particularly well with 2G connections too.

2. BombSquad

A very interesting game to play with your friends at the pool or party. This is a traditional team vs team style game (single player option also available) where players throw a wide variety of weapons and try to kill each other. To keep it more interesting, there are various types of events where the goal is to complete the task while also killing the enemy. It's very fun and doesn't require you to be always online so that you can play it out anywhere, anytime you get bored.

3. Neon Shadow

Although this game was last updated on November, 2017 it is still very much playable and worth considering an option. This game once downloaded works completely offline and up to 8 members can play (4 vs 4) by connecting through Wi-Fi hotspot. How convenient is that! There is a single player story mode campaign if you are interested for those sort of play. The game is also a first-person perspective gameplay experience and is very fun even if you keep on losing (Trust me on this, I have enjoyed playing this for hours!).

4. Guns of Boom

Counter Strike but PUBG?

Developer Game Insight has termed this game's controls so simple that even your cat could learn! This is an online multiplayer PvP action game and even conducts eSport events inviting several players from all around the world! With over 10M+ installations and an Editor's Choice badge, I see no reason why anyone shouldn't try it out.

Have you ever heard of or played these games before? What other multiplayer games do you play? Let me know on my social media handles.


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