Services I recommend

The world is full of services trying to grab every single penny you want to spend and every second of your attention & while there are a lot of things to choose from, I have a personal recommendation based on my experience. The following services may or may not suit you so be careful in using them and do so at your own risk.

  1. - a minimalist privacy focused blogging platform
  2. Ghost - the professional publishing platform
  3. Nord VPN - highly advanced & secure VPN
  4. Digital Ocean - The simplest cloud platform to host a wide variety of things
  5. Brave Browser - Secure, fast & private web browsing

Disclaimer: As you can see, some of the links are affiliate links and if you click on the links and use the services, it will help towards supporting this blog. With increasing use of ad blockers, I have to think of new ways to sustain myself. Rest assured, this association in no way affects the reviews or interests reflected in my blog and I am completely unbiased towards any service or company. I hope you guys can understand.