Software that you should be definitely using on your PC

Software that you should be definitely using on your PC

It's 2019 already and if you are still using Anti-virus on your PC then you aren't here.

I have been using computers since I was 5 so over the time, I have acquired knowledge about a lot of stuff. I may not be technical at every thing but these things I am gonna recommend work nicely for sure.

  1. Should I remove it?
Not my PC thought ;-)

Have you ever been frustrated keeping up with all the bloat that hideously gets installed on your PC through unknown ad clicks?! Or are you worried if a software is trustworthy enough or not?! Well, for years I faced the same dilemma until I found this. It automatically scans your PC and ranks all your installed programs from worst to best so that you know which ones you do need to uninstall. There are some false positives here & there but that's a very small problem. The only problem now is that the makers behind this software are now integrating it with their own antivirus software. -_-

2. Process Explorer

Process Explorer in action

A completely free tool from Microsoft itself for Windows that supercedes Task Manager. In fact, I will go on to say that once you use this you aren't gonna use anything else ever. Process Explorer shows in great depth and details all the processes that runs on your PC at any given time allowing you to fix resource usage problems or even battery draining issues caused by software in your laptop. You should download it now itself.

3. SpaceSniffer

SpaceSniffer scanning my C: drive

Another useful tool but it is not from Microsoft. This software tells you in details about your drive's storage usage. This helps you in analyzing the exact storage use by various files, folders & software. A must have tool especially in today's world where we always run out of storage in our SSDs. Do keep in mind though that based on your drive size and used space, the scanning can take quite a while to show the results.

4. Etcher

Now you can flash your drives beautifully!

This is a nifty tool to flash Operating Systems to SD Cards & USB drives effortlessly. I can't tell you how useful this stuff is, whether it be to burn an SD card to run on Raspberry Pi or on an USB drive to test out that shiny new Linux. Best of all, its open source & free. There is a pro version but I think unless you are a professional in some technical field, you will get away just fine. Please do remember though, if you want to flash Windows to a USB Drive then use Rufus.

5. Hyper

The most beautiful terminal you will ever find!

Hyper is a supercharged terminal for your OS (Windows, Linux & Mac) that is built using web technologies (HTML/CSS/JS). Even more, it has its own plugins & themes! You can customize it to suit your needs & taste. This entire software is completely open source & hosted on GitHub so that anyone can contribute towards its development.

What other software do you use? Anything that is not mainstream and should be used by everyone? Let me know in the comments below! Also join our community on Spectrum.


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Photographer & Gadget Nerd. Founder of ProgressPlanet. I love to dive deep into the simplest stuff because they have the greatest effect on us. My articles focus around my experience with technology.

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