The many ways of blogging in 2019

The many ways of blogging in 2019

Technology now offers us a lot more and so, let's not get bound by the options we think we know.

2019 has come upon us with lots of possibilities and opportunities and while many of us might want to achieve something or the other, I am sure a lot of you would be thinking of starting a blog.

For many of us, the thought of starting a blog takes us straight to WordPress - the world's leading website services provider where we happily open a [your fantasy username] website and start pouring in our thoughts so that others can read it. But while it was the go to site for bloggers, it has turned something more of a website builder with so many customizations and facilities that it becomes overwhelming. Don't get me wrong, WordPress is still the king of website builders when it comes to sheer usage metrics but for people who just want to write and express themselves, this is absurdly ridiculous.

In recent years, many people have felt this similar transition and have hence come up with their own unique solutions. So following is a list of blogging services for writers, bloggers, journalists & anyone who want nothing more than to just write. Keep in mind that today, some of these services are used by major corporates to run their blogs & other kinds of services so it is not like they are untrustworthy cheap alternatives. Some of them are so much polished that you will find it hard to believe it even exists!

  1. Ghost
Ghost is also a non-profit organisation

This platform was a Kickstarter funded project that successfully went on to become a worthy WordPress alternative. The best part about this service is its also free like WordPress along with hosted options if you want the top tier support. Ghost also provides a simple to use and minimal backend without much of a fuss. The company aims the product at bloggers, writers & journalists in particular. Fun fact - This website is also run by Ghost CMS hosted on DigitalOcean! The most fundamentally different thing about this CMS is the fact that its entirely built on node.js unlike PHP and hence is significantly faster. And as I mentioned earlier, running on Ghost through DigitalOcean's droplets (warning! Requires a bit of technical knowledge to run such a setup, if you aren't into these stuff you can straightaway go for the Ghost Pro managed hosting service) will cost you only about $5/month which is significantly cheaper than anything else out there.


Check out other open-source products/services built around this one here

This platform is specifically built with privacy in mind. It doesn't track you or host ads and is completely run by its users through its paid subscription model (It does have a free plan but that comes with a [your fantasy username] address). There is even the option of anonymous blogging if don't want to reveal your identity leaking highly secret inhumane Govt. projects ;-). This platform also brings the ability to enable federation and thus share your works with a similar audience and have a friendly discussion. You can read more about their privacy policy here. The service also comes with a clean writing and reading experience with very subtle customizations and has apps on almost every popular platform. Paid plans start at only $12/year which is ridiculously cheap and you also help in running the platform making sure that your privacy is protected.

If you like very much and want to help additionally, consider funding the project. All things need money but good things need it more in today's world.

3. Postach

This says it all

This is one of the many new generation style blogging service that allow you to blog straight from your favourite note-taking app (in this case, its Evernote). Yes! Once you connect your Evernote account and setup your blog, you only need to write notes to publish your blog posts! Now, it can be a bit costly if you opt for paid plans (as always, free plan is available but at the cost of the customized domain name) but the convenience and simplicity more than make up for it. So go now and try it out.

4. Listed by Standard Notes

It is actually an extension of Standard Notes

This is also another popular service of using notes to publish blog posts. Standard Notes is a relatively niche product with specific focus on privacy, extensions and long-lasting service. But make no mistake, its a very powerful note taking app and its blogging service more than lives up to its name. Check out one of blogs that I created for my friend on this service here to get an idea and if you are satisfied, sign up for it. Keep in mind though, like everything else custom domain will need to go for a paid plan.

5. Cloud Storage Blogging

Yes, this term seems weird but I got no other way to put it. There are also a bunch of other services which enable blogging by uploading files to your Dropbox/Google Drive account. Now, that is what I call ultimate convenience. You write anything you want, post any photo you want and you are limited only by your cloud storage options. Now, keep in mind that most of these kind of services do not come with a free plan so if you think this is the way for you, then by all means go for it. Some popular services that I found out are Blot, Small Victories, site44 (all Dropbox) while Updog is a service that supports both Dropbox & Google Drive.

6. Static Site Generators

One of the many offshoots of GitHub

This part is for people who are really into things as it requires a considerable amount of technical knowledge and those who aren't comfortable shouldn't proceed in this direction. Since the advent of GitHub and its free public repository service, a new form of website creation has begun. Unlike the dynamic pages that we see everywhere, static site generators load the entire website at once. This type of service is used mostly by programmers, developers and like-minded communities as it requires quite a bit of tinkering and knowledge. If you are into such things then check out Jekyll & Netlify. It is completely free of cost since it uses GitHub to host your content.

Have you ever used anything else other than WordPress? Have you ever heard or used any of the above mentioned services? Let me know all about it on my social media handles.

Disclaimer: As you can see, some of the links are affiliate links and if you click on the links and use the services, it will help towards supporting this blog. With increasing use of ad blockers, I have to think of new ways to sustain myself. Rest assured, this association in no way affects the reviews or interests reflected in the article and I am completely unbiased towards any service or company. I hope you guys can understand.


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