Top places for pro-photographers to join

Top places for pro-photographers to join

Even in 2018 and going forward in 2019, Instagram is not the only place to post your photos.

Sure, Instagram is one of the most prominent and popular places to showcase but let's be honest, every other person in this world has an Instagram account so it's for everybody. Sometimes, photographers need a more exclusive place where they can receive detailed feedback and have a similar community which is undiluted.

Based on my experience I have compiled a list of apps/services that you should join to have a good community support.

  1. 500px

This site has been around for a long time (2009) and was a very popular destination for photographers until Instagram came along but with the shift of users, this site became even more exclusive to photographers boasting of very experienced & high-profile photographers. Very active community and you can also sell your photos through Getty with whom 500px has inked an exclusive deal.

2. Flickr

Flickr was one of the first site launched for photographers. Initially offering a cheap way to store photos through its massive 1 TB (Yes! you read that right!) of storage to store photos, it soon attracted a ton of people and quickly became the most famous business of then owner Yahoo. However, it also attracted spam and bots. Recently though, Flickr was acquired by SmugMug (which we will talk in a bit) and they have promised to make the service good enough again for photographers.


What started out as a better smartphone camera app offering more controls than the normal camera app has turned into a huge community of pro-smartphone photographers. You wouldn't believe some of the photos you see here to be taken on a smartphone. This service is mostly popular among European users but there is nothing stopping you to make a name for yourself here.

4. EyeEm

EyeEm did to mobile photography what 500px & Flickr combinedly did to DSLR photography. It has been the go to platform now for smartphone photographers to sell their photos, showcase their work and get client jobs too while also participating in various challenges presented to the community, sometimes earning rewards. This is a very thriving & active community with many top-profile clients including Samsung. So you can be sure that you would definitely know your worth and improve upon it.

5. Behance

Well, this is for really serious people. It is Adobe's prime platform to showcase creative work. And similarly, this platform has many high profile clients who both use the service to hire creative people and also showcase their own work for others to look at. Over the years, this platform has grown more tied up with Adobe's subscription service but it is very, very important for people who are on the lookout for serious work.

6. Unsplash

If you don't know about this service now then you were living under a rock which was below a cave. Unsplash is a free-to-use photo service where user upload their photos to be used for free by other people. Now, this may not be ideal for everyone but considering the userbase this service has now and the fact that even Apple uses pictures from this site says a lot in itself. Maybe you will get much much higher exposure? Who knows?!

Did I miss out anything? Are there other services that you guys use? Do let me know on my social media handles!


Asit Khanda

Photographer & Gadget Nerd. Founder of ProgressPlanet. I love to dive deep into the simplest stuff because they have the greatest effect on us. My articles focus around my experience with technology.

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