Weekly News Round Up #2

Weekly News Round Up #2

May 13 - May 18

  1. Lenovo unveils world's first foldable PC

Yup. It's now a reality. For now though, it is just a prototype. It is so early that there is no name or even camera attached to the prototype device. Check out this video from MrMobile to learn more.

MrMobile's take on the foldable PC.

2. OnePlus unveils the OnePlus 7 Series

OnePlus unveiled two new OnePlus 7 devices on 14 May. There is now a Pro version which costs ₹48,999 and a standard regular version for ₹32,999. The only new difference between both of them is that the Pro version has a new all-screen Quad HD OLED display with no notch, 90 Hz refresh rate, a triple lens camera, a pop-up motorized selfie camera, a brand new haptic engine (vibration motor) and a 30W charging system. The regular 7 looks exactly like the previous 6T with the specs of 7 Pro. Take a look at this video of MKBHD:

OnePlus 7 Pro Review

3. Plastics found at the deepest trench of the ocean

Well, Congratulations! We have successfully made this planet an utmost hell for every other species with our usage of plastic. Recently, an underwater exploration team that dived into Challenger Deep - the deepest trench in the world, found plastics at the bottom of the seabad. And as an irony, they also found a lot of previously undiscovered species. It looks like we might be responsible for the death of a number of species even before we can know about them. Read the full report on BBC.

4. Microsoft and Sony team up

Photo by wu yi / Unsplash

In a very surprising move, Sony & Microsoft have partnered to work on streaming services, image sensors, chips, AI & much more. While the move is definitely unusual but is not surprising given Google & Apple's recent entry into streaming and gaming services. Will this partnership save them both? Only time will tell. Read more about the deal.

5. New flaw found on Intel chips

Just after a year of discovery of Spectre & Meltdown, security researchers have found yet another problem with Intel's chips and this time, it has serious consequences. This new flaw basically allows hackers to snoop down on every bit of data present in the victim's computer. What's even more terrifying is that the flaw is hardware based so it definitely cannot be fixed, although companies have already begun providing workarounds for this and some have even issued patches for their systems. It only goes on to show how our increased dependence on machines is only threatening to disrupt our life more and more.

6. Asus unveils the new Zenfone 6

Asus has unveiled its OnePlus competitor - the Zenfone 6. Spec wise, its toe-to-toe with its competitors although it has an LCD display instead of OLED. What's different here is that it has only pair of camera which works for both the rear and front via a rotating mechanism. Prices are expected to be competitive with the regular OnePlus 7. Take a look at Geekyranjit's video to learn more

Zenfone 6 Hands-On by Geekyranjit

7. A new quantum experiment says that reality isn't objective

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM / Unsplash

I wouldn't even dare to describe everything thats going on here. For my more technical readers who want to know more, please head over here.

Comment down your thoughts. Did I miss any news that you found worthwhile? Let me know!


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