Weekly News Round Up #5

Weekly News Round Up #5

June 3 - June 8.

  1. Oppo & Xiaomi showcase their under-display camera technology

In a really surprising turn of events, both Oppo & Xiaomi have showcased their in-display camera technology which completely hides under the display.

Read more at XDA

2. Apple unveils new Mac Pro, iPad OS, iOS 13 with dark mode and much more in WWDC 2019

So the biggest tech event of the year just went by and Apple made a ton of announcement, including the much awaited native dark mode on iOS 13. Apart from that, the tech giant also unveiled its much hyped cheese grater modular Mac Pro as promised which supports upto 1.5 TB of RAM (what!!) and there was also the debut of a new iPad OS for the iPads. Take a look at the summarised keynote and other videos below:

WWDC 2019 Keynote Summary
iPad OS hands on
The new modular Mac Pro

3. NASA opens up the ISS for private tourism and commercial purposes

Photo by NASA / Unsplash

Yes! Starting early next year, NASA administration announced that they will open up parts of the International Space Station to private astronauts and commercial oppurtunities including commercial filming.

All of these activities though come with a hefty price tag, almost $11,250-$22,500 a day. NASA is opening this initiative to create sustainable low-earth economy while also accumulating funds to maintain the costly habitat in space.

Read more: TheVerge, NASA

4. Google Maps now showcases your speed in real time

I created this image for a local SEO blog post
Photo by henry perks / Unsplash

In continuing the theme of bringing Waze features to Maps, Google now has brough over the live speedometer alongside local speed limits. It's not avaible entirely and to everyone and is rolling out slowly.

Source: TheVerge

5. Crazy new laptops unveiled at Computex

This year, its all the focus on creatives while computer companies are unveiling new products. Take a look at this video from YouTuber Sara Dietschy and learn about the brand new systems unveiled by top brands of the industry.

Computex 2019

Did we miss out on any important news of the past week? Let us know and share with others who wants a summart of the important events!


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