YouTube channels you should follow if you are into photography & related

YouTube channels you should follow if you are into photography & related

It's always important to take guidance.

Photography is a very skillful work. For some its passion, for others its living but it is by no means easy. I see a lot of people buying expensive camera & camera gear but what they should realise is that it takes time & patience to excel at this field.

Along with that it also doesn't hurt to get some inspiration from people who already excel at this field. Luckily for us, YouTube is a boon for the modern world. So without wasting much time, I will list all the YouTube channels that I think are worth the watch. Keep in mind though, these are my personal picks so it may not suit your taste. After all, everyone has different likings.

  1. Peter Mckinnon (Every YouTuber's favourite YouTuber)

If you haven't heard of him then you probably haven't been watching enough YouTube videos. His videos are mostly vlog style but they pack so much to learn no matter what. It's always fun to watch him as it shows in the videos that he loves what he is doing.

2. Becki & Chris

Another vlog style YouTube channel run by a couple. Apart from photography, they also dive into other detailed stuff related to photography like room design & real estate, decoration, finding your niche, etc. The best part that you will learn is they do this channel while still having full daytime jobs. That is something we all aspire to, don't we?!

3. Lizzie Peirce

This YouTube channel also tells us another strong story of independent women working hard and making a name for themselves. She also does vlogs and it is very much inspiring to see the progress that she is achieving.

4. Jessica Kobeissi

Jessica not only documents her shooting process but she also touches other topics like how people perceive photographers & photography, how do you avoid the weirdness of shooting in public, etc. It feels good to see how she has faced the problems we all fear that we will face one day and be prepared watching her.

5. Brandon Woelfel

Right now, Brandon is the star of neon photography genre. He is an Instagram champ and a look at his profile just leaves us all amazed and happy. Although, he doesn't post much videos, its still useful and filled with tips & tricks.

6. Joe Allam

His videos are vlog cum tutorial style and they are amazing to look at. He also experiments with a wide variety of camera & lenses which may also help you choose your gear if you plan to go fulltime into it.

7. Chris Hau

This guy is more about cinematic styles than anything else. He is a friend of Peter Mckinnon whom I mentioned in the beginning of this article and it is this guy that persuaded Peter to go full time into videos. So that deserves a look at his profile.

8. PiXimperfect (Unmesh Dinda)

Well, capturing shots is perfectly fine but you also gotta edit them. This is where this channel comes handy, actually, it is a lot more than that. This guy takes you through everything that Photoshop can do and most of his videos are just 1 minute! So, I don't think I need to persuade you guys anymore.

Everyone has their own preferences, don't they?! Let me know who is your favourite YouTuber & why!


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